About ICOA

About ICOA

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The International Castor Oil Association (ICOA) is an organization whose members are involved in growing, processing, trading, marketing and/or consuming Castor Oil. The main aspirations of the ICOA are the improvement in the agronomic conditions of castor beans, the development of new applications for castor oil and its derivatives and the dissemination of information to its members and the industries they serve.

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History of ICOA

In 1980, before he retired, former Secretary-Treasurer Matt Antonovich started to compile a history of the ICOA. His account went up to 1981, although there is not much written information available about the early years from 1954 -1962. It appears they were spent primarily founding and establishing the organization. In the 1950s members of the castor industry were part of the Linseed-Castorseed Association.


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Antitrust Compliance Policy

It is the policy of ICOA to comply strictly with all laws which relate to the conduct of its activities, including the antitrust laws and trade regulation rules of the United States and European Union. All ICOA members, officers, and staff should familiarize themselves with the ICOA “Antitrust Guidelines,” and should agree to conform all ICOA sponsored meetings and activities in strict accordance with the Guidelines.