ICOA Statement on Corporate Social Responsibility

“The International Castor Oil Association, Inc. (ICOA) recognizes that sustainability is critical to the long-term success and viability of the castor oil industry. We believe that the principles of sustainability, including responsible environmental practices, social responsibility, and economic viability, are essential for creating a thriving future for the industry and the communities it serves.

ICOA is committed to upholding human rights, including labor rights and community engagement, in all aspects of the castor oil industry. We recognize that people are at the center of sustainable development, and that their well-being must be prioritized in order to achieve a sustainable future. We also understand the importance of responsible environmental management and are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of the castor oil industry through sustainable production methods and supply chain engagement.

ICOA is dedicated to promoting the principles of sustainable business conduct among our members and in supply chain. This includes encouraging ethical practices, reducing waste, conserving resources, and collaborating with stakeholders to find innovative solutions to sustainability challenges. It is our goal to make sure that the castor oil industry remains a positive force for sustainable development now and in the future.”

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