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If you wish to apply for membership, it will be necessary for you to be sponsored by a current member in good standing of the ICOA and to have the sponsor sign your application. In addition, you are required to provide information about your Company as it pertains to the castor business.

Upon receipt of the completed application, the information concerning your Company, along with the sum of US $1,500 representing payment of membership dues, your application will be sent to the Board of Directors who will then vote upon your application.

Your application and membership dues of US $1,500 can be paid by check, drawn on a US bank, or if you prefer to pay by wire transfer, we will provide you with wire transfer instructions. Please note that Applicant is responsible for paying all applicable wire transfer fees. 

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Member benefits include...

  • The opportunity to network on a global basis with all major participants in the castor oil industry.
  • The Association issues the only uniform sales contract specifically devised for trading in bulk castor oil.
  • The ICOA established a standard specification for castor oil, found mutually acceptable to buyers and sellers.
  • The ICOA established universally accepted procedures to preserve product integrity which included sampling methods at shipment and discharge and heating procedures during carriage and discharge.
  • The Association keeps abreast of issues pertinent to its members such as Ocean Freight Conference rates, the damaged Oil Jetty #2 at Kandla Port, India, new imo regulations, REACH and others.
  • The ICOA lends non-financial assistance to people interested in initiating the growing of castor seed or the trading of oil.
  • The ICOA strives to provide background and understanding for those within the industry. In these endeavors, the ICOA develops and disseminates ideas and information to its members which will enhance the continuation of interest in a unique high- technology vegetable oil, which has excellent qualities for manufacturing specialty chemicals and is also one of the oldest vegetable oils in commercial use.
  • The Association has published two Technical Bulletins:The Processing of Castor Meal for Detoxification & Deallergenation and The Chemistry of Castor Oil and its Derivatives and Their Applications. These are available free to all new members of the Association, as well as schools and libraries, and for a fee to non-members interested in purchasing them.