ICOA Initiatives

Closeup of various castor beans

ICOA Specification for Castor oils & its derivatives

  • ICOA Specification for Castor oils & its derivatives.
  • Indian Castor Oil Pale Pressed Grade.
  • Neutralized Castor Oil.
  • 12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid.
  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil (HCO).

Documents available for purchase

The Association has published two Technical Bulletins. They are available free to all new members of the Association, as well as schools and libraries, and for a fee to non-members interested in purchasing them.  Please use the form below to purchase these documents.

Processing Castor Meal

Technical Bulletin #1

The publishing of this brochure by the International Castor Oil Association, Processing Castor Meal for Detoxification & Deallergenation:Technical Bulletin #1, leads the way for the castor oil industry to establish the technical aspects of castor processing and foster the growth and use of castor products.

Cost:  $100

Castor Oil Chemistry

Technical Bulletin #2

Castor Oil Chemistry has transcended that period from early “arts and craftsmanship” to the present where chemical science is no longer black magic or secret formulas. As the oleochemical age advances it becomes more important to know how a product is made, why it works and how.

Cost:  $100

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