Wednesday excursion and optional tour information

Wednesday excursion – Old Town/Walls of Dubrovnik, Franciscan Monastery followed by Lunch at Klarisa.  Tour will consist of three or four groups of 25 persons allowing for a manageable amount of people to walk the town streets/wall.  The groups will be divided depending on desire of level of intensity of walking tour (stroll, mid-level or energetic).

Afternoon/option tour – Ston/Mali Ston – includes tour of salt mine/shops or short walk on wall in Ston.  Quick drive to Mali Ston for a 10 minute boat ride to tour Mussels/Oyster farming – includes tastings of both, along with local wine.  Please note – afternoon/optional tour will return later than usual optional tours (18:30/19:00).

NOTE: Email to follow shortly describing the tours in more detail.  Please respond to upcoming email informing me which walk you prefer, as well as interest in the optional/afternoon tour.