Opening Reception Update and other information

There is a change in the location for the Opening Reception. It is still being held at the hotel but will NOT be at the Marketplace Promenade. The final location… Read more »

ICOA AGM documents for the meeting

As a reminder for ICOA members (or new information for new members) – the AGM documents (attendee list, general meeting information, agendas, social events/venue details and other pertinent information) will… Read more »

Updated details regarding ICOA AGM meeting events

For those making their travel arrangements, the general timing of the ICOA AGM can always be found on the first page of the registration form. The events of the three… Read more »

Wednesday excursion and optional tour information

Wednesday excursion – Old Town/Walls of Dubrovnik, Franciscan Monastery followed by Lunch at Klarisa.  Tour will consist of three or four groups of 25 persons allowing for a manageable amount… Read more »

Early-Bird registration ends 21 February 2019!

PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW. It is less than two (2) weeks until early-bird registration ends (21st February 2019). If more than one member from your company plans on… Read more »

Hotel Rooms & Registration

AGM Early bird registration – 21st February is the last day for early bird registration – prices INCREASE if payment is not made by that date. Sun Gardens Dubrovnik –… Read more »

Incorrect dates – Annual dues invoice and AGM registration form

As some of you already know, both the 2019 AGM registration form and some annual dues invoices have the incorrect date listed. 21st – 23rd May 2019 is when the… Read more »

2019 AGM hotel link and other information

The 2019 AGM meeting is just over five months away and approaching fast! For those of you who are ready to make your hotel reservation, following is the hotel link. … Read more »

Goro Itoh – Itoh Oil

It is with sadness that I inform The ICOA members of the passing of a long time member. Mr. Goro Itoh of Itoh Oil Chemicals Co. passed away on 15th… Read more »

2019 ICOA AGM – change in venue

Due to various concerns/issues, the 2019 ICOA AGM will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia instead of Athens, Greece. The dates will remain the same – 21st – 23rd May, 2019.